Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Egg Days Parade

Where to begin. First off, I must note that I missed the parade entirely. Matt took these shots and should probably be the one providing commentary. He has posting privileges on this blog but has yet to take advantage of that great honor. Drew found a list of the winning floats in The Chronicle and we have pics of a few. So. Without further ado and with apologies for not editing this giant roster of pics . . .

Kindred Spirits


Our rivals in food celebration: the Toledo Cheese Days Queen! Cheese Days comes the weekend after July 4th so we get to do this all over again in 10 days.

The Swiss Miss from a place called Frances, WA

Rochester's Swede Day Queen

Napavine's Funtime Festival Royal Court (we are soo there!)

Morton's Loggers Jubilee Court

Our own Egg Day Royal court

Silliness and Favorites
Such a morbid float for such a sunny, happy day. There was a man sitting on the float with a ventriloquist dummy w/ spinning eyes hollering out 'He's on meth" while pointing to the dummy!

My personal fav. Saw this cart sitting in the parking lot of Cedar Village. LOVE IT.

Best Musical Group on a Float and Best Church Organization: Jesus Name Church of Chehalis

Sweepstakes: Hoquiam Loggers Playday

Mayor's Trophy: Winlock Soccer Club

Judge's Choice: Take a Bite Out of Crime. And yes, those are faces of real criminals.

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MARble said...

i think the giant shopping cart is my fav too.