Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dirty Job

Somebody call Mike Rowe. This is quite possibly the dirtiest and filthiest we have ever been in our lives. The time has come to remove the roofing from the Sister House. Decades of crumbling asphalt shingles, moss, and cedar shakes beneath it all needed removal.

Tom and Matt mounting the ascent. The roof pitch is 8:12 so it is a steep bugger.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet I now present to you a fashion don't.

I was not allowed up on the roof until they had cleared down about halfway and the skip sheathing provided more secure footing. I guess my reputation as a klutz preceded me. I did fall through the roof at one point when I stepped on an unstable piece of skip sheathing but I didn't fall far and managed to avoid getting scrapped and bruised. So yay for a secure rope!

As of this writing the roof is about 3/4 cleared off. We completed the west side on Monday and about 1/2 of the east side on Tuesday. I didn't work on the east side so that must be why it is going so slow!! Actually, Matt and Tom report that the roofing on the east side is more disintegrated. It sounds like that would make it easier to remove but it is acting like it is glued to the sheathing and is much trickier to pry off than the west side. Bummer. We had hoped to keep it to a two day job.

The sun sets on a day of hard work. Tom went up and did some final scraping of crap off the edge and we called it quits.

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