Sunday, July 13, 2008


The post you have all been waiting for, Right? This is the post in which I document the fruition of Matt's frogging work. Catching the frogs wasn't the end of it. At the event Tom manned the frog output and Matt handled frog input. Once a frog had a go on the jumping course Matt took him back and put him in the resting bucket where he stayed until it was deemed he was fit to jump again. By the way, after the jump the frogs went to live in the pond at Tom and Kathy's house.

A crowd gathers. Adults who participated as kids bring their own children. This thing has been going on for decades.

A girl anxiously awaits her turn. Most of the kids were fearless when it came to holding frogs. There were a few that thought they wanted to hold a frog but freaked out when one was handed to them.

After 2 hours the craziness was dying down and children were getting tired so a few adults slipped in. And by a few I mean two. That is me in the green shorts and Becca beside me.

I set my frog loose and instead of leisurely hopping here and there he took off like a rocket. I had to run to keep up with him. Until . . .

He decided enough was enough and stopped in his tracks. I tried blowing on him tapping the ground next to him and even tried pretending to pick him up but no go. He jumped 40 feet and no more. The winning distance after all the day's jumps were totaled was 66 feet.

I took a bit of video before turning the camera off and enjoying the moment:


Ashlee said...

That's super cute and looks fun! It's not everyday you hear of a frong jumping contest!

Tairah said...

that is so fun. They have turtle races here, though we have yet to find a turtle in time for a race. We always see them months before, but when race time comes they are now where to be seen.