Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sister House Gets a Haircut

The roof is gone. It took 3 days of dirty work. Part of the job involved taking off the eaves on the gable end. It looks like the house got a buzz cut to me.
Tom sprung an unexpected task on us at the end of the day today. Turns out now is the prime time to paint the rafters so we must choose our trim color. I have been agonizing over this decision. I thought I still had a few months to hem and haw. Here's the thing: I want a special, unusual, perfect, harmonious, magical, miraculous color for the trim on the house. Is that asking too much? I have considered various shade of chartreuse, purple and orange. Since the siding on the house is going to be cedar left to weather naturally we need to pick a color that will look good while the cedar is new and also look good once the cedar greys out. But that is not all. The pole building we are currently living in - while butt ugly - needs to be considered. It is metal with tan sides and generic green roof and trim. I don't love the colors but I don't want the property to look like a hodge podge of random buildings. I guess I could re-side and re-roof it but that is wasteful and economically dumb as dirt. As unimaginative as plain green is, I am now leaning toward it so that the two buildings tie together somewhat. Maybe if I have a black door that will be magical. Shut up. I know that sounds stupid.

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