Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frogging for Cheese Days

How do I begin to explain this? Tom once sent me an email with the opener, "Went frogging two nights and ran the Toledo Cheese Days Frog Jump". I could not make heads or tails of that. And now, we live here and Matt has been frogging himself. A part of Toledo Cheese Days (a celebration of Cheese to acknowledge an industry that has long since left Toledo)is the frog jump. It is a very popular activity and takes place on a Friday night. On the nights leading up to the frog jump Tom and a bunch of friends of his head off into the swamp in a boat to catch frogs. It is a catch and release operation. After the frogs have jumped in the race they are returned to their swamp. So here are some pictures of Matt's first frogging expedition:
Mick, Matt & Bill at the launch. They headed out between 9:30 and 10pm.

Mick's job is to spot the frogs. In this shot Matt is in catching position. When Mick spots a frog Tom poles the boat into position and Matt reaches out and grabs the frog as fast as he can. Matt figures he got 5 or 6 frogs on his turn at the front of the boat.

Yeah. 1000 words right there.

After a hard night's work. The men with their frogs. Matt got home around 1:30ish. I am kind of fuzzy on the time. He was cold and slightly damp but reports that a good time was had by all.

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JJ said...

I have to say I get a whole different perspective on who you and Matt are by reading your posts :-) What the heck did you ever do in LA?????