Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Una to the Other Cats: This is Why I am Alpha. I am Fearless Bitches

All four of us (Tom, Kathy, Matt and Me) were working on the roof project today. We were not expecting a visit from the INSPECTOR. Una trotted on up the stairs, past Walker (T & K's black lab) and out through the slats in the roof structure. She then proceeded right up to the ridge pole and walked back and forth rubbing her face on every piece of wood to let the world know that this is HER house. The truth is we really don't know if she knew where she was. She knew we were on the roof and she knew she wanted to be where we were. Her sight is so bad nowadays we don't know if she was aware of her elevation or the dog in the rafters. She was trying to roll around and play snuggly with the roof just as if she was on the carpet in the living space. At 16 she is showing her age - hearing and sight are waning - but she maintains her status as alphacat by switching on her special brand of crazy whenever any of the other cats challenge her position. She has always been and will always be barking mad and I LOVE her for it.

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MARble said...

i was gonna say on the last pic on una i saw that she is really showing her age.