Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Final Egg-xamination of Egg Days

We found the whole "Egg Days" business to be completely alien, and yet 100% delightful. While driving home from the Egg Queen pageant we were happy, flummoxed, snarky, judgmental, thrilled, bewildered and utterly pleased to be living here. I made the comparison to Sunset Junction in Los Angeles. Sunset Junction is a huge street festival with multiple stages, bands, food from around the world, dancing, booths selling everything from kilts to bongs. I mean, it is a real party. Even so, when I left Sunset Junction at the end of a long, hot day, I felt depressed, anxious, annoyed, tired (not in a good way), and fully resolved never to return. But I did return. I thought there would be something new, something I shouldn't miss, something on the cutting edge to see or hear. But there never was anything that tickled my fancy. Here in Winlock, however, my fancy has been tickled, and how!

Next year I want to help out. I noticed everywhere we went it was the same people running the show and they looked run ragged. I like my community. I like our crazy Egg party. I want to be a part of it. That doesn't mean I won't snark a bit. Just means I am going to put some elbow grease behind my comments and do my best to keep Egg Days happily chugging along.

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JJ said...

You going home for the 20 year reunion?