Saturday, July 19, 2008

Uh. No Freaking Way.

Thanks to a heads up from my old friend Michael I just learned that my first boss in the fashion industry has her own reality show. On the one hand I am soooo happy that I don't have TV right now. I still wake up in cold sweats from Ashley Paige Swim related anxiety dreams. On the other hand I can guaran-damn-tee you this will make for some awesome television - assuming you have not lived it.

When I was working for Ashley, Jane Linter filmed a documentary about Ashley and the fashion show we were preparing for. The documentary is called "Peace, Love & Bikinis" (Ashley's tag line) and if you watch the trailer on the link you will hear my voice a few times. When I saw the documentary I found that they used me as a narrator/explainer person. I didn't really give Jane the goods as far as freakouts on tape. Even though I was loosing my mind I always kept an eye out for the camera because I didn't want any rude or embarrassing comments recorded for all the world to see. I left Ashley right after the fashion show and the documentary were done. Jane called me to see if I wanted to be on the DVD extras in the hopes that I would dish some dirt on Ash but I declined.

Word of warning to any sensitive or younger Eggtown readers: if you click the link and view the "Peace, Love & Bikinis" trailer be prepared for nudity and strong language. Ash is a classy girl.

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