Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, I Almost Forgot . . .

You might want to make a mental note to yourself. If you ever need to dig a trench and you think to yourself, "no big deal. It's not that far. 2 feet down is not that deep. I have a shovel.", take that moment to punch yourself in the face and rent a trencher. Seriously. You DO NOT want to dig it by hand. Especially in winter when the ground is freezing and thawing in turn and the soil is 75% clay. It is a bad idea and you will cry.
The trench from hell. To China. Those are the electrical lines down there. They will soon be joined by water and gas.

Knock on Drywall

Looking from the living room into the guest bedroom

A view of the kitchen (and Matt!)

I am happy to report that by the end of the day all the drywall will be up! I am not going to post any more photos of the drywall because the rest of the rooms are small and all you see in the frame is just a shot of gray. Big whoop. There is no way a wall of gray in a photo can possibly convey what it really means to see it in real life. The inside of the house has skin on bones!


Behold our completely sided Sister House presented in both sunlight and shadow for your viewing pleasure. The house is completely covered in siding and all the doors and windows are in and wrapped! The only thing left to do on the exterior is to lay down the decking wood and build stairs and railings to the porches and decks. The wood for that was delivered yesterday. I had to take a picture of the bundle because the label made me laugh. How's that for small town delivery info?

Insulated From the World

We are now insulated! Take a look out the windows and you will see that it happened just in time for the snowstorm!

Everything is starting to happen really quickly! I can't keep up on the blog. I am lucky to get pictures taken before the next contractor arrives.

It Snowed. Again!

I am almost embarrassed to make this post. Just spoke with my Mom yesterday and she and my Dad are digging out of a truly major snowstorm in Utah. These pictures are from last week. Our snow is gone now and we are enjoying some nice, sunny skies!

Beam Me Up, Matty (Ugh. Sorry bout that one)

Here we are putting in the post and beams that divide the living room from the kitchen. Tom and Kathy's friend Mick was also here to help but I somehow managed to crop him out of every shot! Sorry Mick!

Sorry about all the fairy dust in the picture. We had sawdust floating everywhere.

Monday, February 9, 2009

With Love to My Friends and Family

This has absolutely nothing to do with life here in Eggtown. But believe me when I tell you that I WISH this took place in my backyard! Thx to Jezebel for directing me to this post over at LiveLeak.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Existentialist

Too much Sartre and Nietzsche perhaps?

Entering the Land of TMI

I believe I have mentioned in posts past that Audrey has the major hots for Russell. She seeks him out wherever he is and snuggles and licks him until he loses his cool and howls at her. As much as she likes Russell, I submit it is Quinten's legacy that she is carrying on. Audrey is a hunter extraordinaire. She has spent much more time outside over this cold and messy winter than the other cats combined. Now that the snow is gone we can count on at least one mouse a day from her. Here is the TMI part: This morning I was checking my email when I heard frantic squeaking coming from my slipper sitting on the floor by my computer. I looked down to find a panicked mouse on its back. Audrey spent the next 10 minutes or so batting and tossing it until the squeaking stopped at which point she ate everything but the heart and lungs. Quinten didn't eat that part either. I wonder why? Also TMI? The fact that we let her do this in the living space. You may call me nuts but I am kind of proud about what a good hunter she is. I like to encourage cat-like behavior in my spoiled brood.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sheep, Sheep, Elk

The mail route was kind of beastly today. That is a joke. See, the mail truck was late and the mail volume was heavy and that made the day, how shall we say? Beastly! So to keep my spirits up while I was delivering I made a special effort to enjoy the "beasts" I met along the way. I must be out of my depression. A depressed person could not laugh at that joke. And yet, here I am chuckling as I write. Anyhoo, today I found these sheep particularly charming. Sometimes when I go past this property the owners have sheep dogs in training so naturally the sheep are running to and fro. Today they had some leisure time.
A little farther along on the route I came upon the neighborhood elk herd. They hang around on South Military and Roth road. We see them pretty regularly. Today they were right up near the road which is unusual and, although they spooked a bit when I stopped the car and aimed my camera, they didn't run, also unusual.On the next road I saw 2 bald (that's for you Drew) eagles circling over a field. Seeing bald eagles will never get old. I don't have a telephoto lens so there was no point in taking a picture. I have tried that before and only end up with smudges on a watery blue background. So, come to WA to visit and maybe you can see one too.