Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Entering the Land of TMI

I believe I have mentioned in posts past that Audrey has the major hots for Russell. She seeks him out wherever he is and snuggles and licks him until he loses his cool and howls at her. As much as she likes Russell, I submit it is Quinten's legacy that she is carrying on. Audrey is a hunter extraordinaire. She has spent much more time outside over this cold and messy winter than the other cats combined. Now that the snow is gone we can count on at least one mouse a day from her. Here is the TMI part: This morning I was checking my email when I heard frantic squeaking coming from my slipper sitting on the floor by my computer. I looked down to find a panicked mouse on its back. Audrey spent the next 10 minutes or so batting and tossing it until the squeaking stopped at which point she ate everything but the heart and lungs. Quinten didn't eat that part either. I wonder why? Also TMI? The fact that we let her do this in the living space. You may call me nuts but I am kind of proud about what a good hunter she is. I like to encourage cat-like behavior in my spoiled brood.

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