Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Morning Walk - Beach Version

Tom, Kathy, Andy and Andy's friend Megan spent the 4th of July holiday at the beach. I had a strange work schedule on the route over July 4th so we went down on the evening of the 5th and came back home on the 6th. Here are some pics of our brief sojourn.

A citizen concerned about the welfare of sea birds covered an entire section of the boardwalk railing with pieces of bagels, various flavors. The birds didn't seem to care. Perhaps they were full up on people food, this being the end of a busy holiday weekend. Notice the whale skeleton in the distance.

Seriously, this burn patch has to be the best cautionary illustration ever. I honestly wonder if the local fire department didn't burn it on purpose right by the fire danger sign as a dire warning.

Kathy thinks I hate the flag because I am so glum about the current state of the union. I don't hate it. I am just crushingly disappointed in things right now. Doesn't mean I am without hope or that I am the walking embodiment of anti-patriotism. I just want better from my elected officials on the federal level. And also the flag got abused after 9/11, don't you think? Everyone had flags poking up from their car windows. I saw so many sun bleached and tattered flags for months after that that I wondered why, if people felt so strongly, did they let the symbol of our freedom fly so shabbily. I would truly prefer an angry patriot burning a flag in protest over a lax, lipservicey sheep with a shredded flag flying from his/her car window with a new Jack-in-the-Box head on the antenna. And the car flags came from China. And flag stickers on cars request God to Bless America and tell me that "These Colors Don't Run". It all seems so diluted and commercial now. A real flag, in good repair, taken in or lit at night, folded properly when not in use. Doesn't seem to be asking too much. Am I wrong?

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