Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Got Tagged. Twice.

Sarah tagged me with this in June and I, um, forgot? Yeah. That's it. Then Tairah tagged me with a very similar post and I "remembered". I am not tagging anyone with this for two reasons. 1: If I have already been tagged twice then I am sure it has made the rounds. 2: It is downright cruel. The point of the tag is to take photos of a list of items without straightening, cleaning or gussying up in any way. Thanks ladies. Welcome to my hell.

The toilet:

The sink:So I am a spoilsport. Sue me.

The laundry room:
The laundry room is currently a couple of baskets under my bed and a trip to the laundromat. The plastic bin is a load waiting to make the trip.

The refrigerator:

The closet:

Like the laundry room, the closet is still a victim of construction.

Favorite shoes:
Jinx w/ Tairah. Her fav shoes are silver also.

Favorite room:
Couldn't decide on this on and it doesn't matter anyway as both of these rooms are favorite because of what I see them becoming in my mind's eye. Top pic is upstairs in the Sister House. It will be the TV room. The bottom pic is the smallest bedroom in the house. It will be my reading/retreat room filled with books and treasures.

Kids (or equivalent?):
Una, Lily & Russell. Quinten is MIA. Probably killing a bird, squirrel, mole or mouse.

And finally, me.
Just as I am. I usually read blogs first thing when I wake up. So. Yeah. Good Morning Merry Sunshine. No smiles. Just a grimace.

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