Friday, July 18, 2008

Weber High School Class of 1988

Next weekend is my 20 year high school reunion. I am not going to go. I thought about it. And then I thought some more. And then I decided to stay in the present and not revisit the past. I am enjoying the website that the Senior Class Officers set up for us all to post our pics and bios. I have exchanged emails with a few folks from the old days. It has been the most fun catching up with those who were in elementary school (Lomond View) with me. My kindergarten mates are a small pool of people and somehow, even though I didn't know many of them anymore by the time we got into high school, I feel a connection to those kids (uh, adults).

My Weber Warrior yearbooks are still all packed away awaiting the completion of the house but Jenny kindly posted every single page of the senior class on her blog! We are all the embodiment of '80's cliches: mullets, big hair, make-up from hell, etc. Getting dressed in the morning as a child of the 80's was always an adventure. Multi-colored eyeshadow everywhere on my face except my eyes? Check! Rags tied in my hair ala Cyndi Lauper? Check! Thermal leggings under a homemade skirt? Check! Upturned collar? Check! Big belt around waist? Check! Socks with high heels? Check! Crush on a skater boy? Check!

Every once in a while I catch Matt grooving to an 80's tune but on the whole he doesn't respect his heritage the way I do. The '80's was a most excellent time to be a teenager. That said, I am so glad I grew up and never have to go back again. Really. So very, very glad.

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Melissa Seamons said...

I am so with you Sister! 20 years Michelle! And probably 18 since I've seen you. It's nice to catch up on your blog. Hope you are well!