Saturday, July 19, 2008

Filling the Moat

Perimeter drain pipe

Drain Rock

Ground fabric

Matt pushing dirt w/ the rented tractor. We rented this tractor back in January to try and dig through the frost. The same delivery man brought it back this time. He commented that he thought we would be done with the house by now. Whatever dude.

All our hard effort at building green deleted in one fell swoop. A carbon footprint bigger than David Beckham is what we've got going on here. That old CAT just keeps going and going. Even more respectable when you note that our Massey/Ferguson is headed for the shop. Despite all of Matt and Tom's efforts the thing won't start. So kudos to the CAT in all it's belching glory.

Dumping Dirt over the gravel and pipe

Una inspecting the work

Matt after a long day. In a strange way filling in the gap between the earth and the foundation was even more satisfying that getting the trusses up. It felt like the house was sitting precariously and holding us at arms length. It was an ordeal to either walk the slippery plank to the front door or clamber up into the new addition doorways. Now the house looks like it is meant to be here and is inviting us in with open arms.

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