Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are you Ready for Some Cheese Days Action?

Overall the Winlock Egg Days Queen Coronation was more entertaining by a mile than the Toledo Cheese Days Queen Coronation. My family in Toledo will probably disown me for that comment since there is quite the rivalry between Winlock and Toledo.

I must say right off that as far as decorations go Toledo did more with less compared to Winlock's less with more. Score one for Toledo.

Here are this year's contenders for Cheese Days Queen. It must be noted that in the Cheese Days brochure, Niki, the 15 year old girl in the black dress answered "What do you want to be when you grow up" with "Be Awesome". She was our girl for sure.

Also in Toledo's favor was the entertainment. This girl writes her own songs and really belted them out in style. There was not a program for the event so I don't have names for the people performing or running the show.

And the Winner is . . . The girl in the yellow dress. She was a dark horse that came from behind. She had not sold enough buttons at print time to be in the Cheese Days brochure so I don't know her name or anything about her. Cheese Days differs from Egg Days in that the winner is based solely on the number of fund raising buttons the contestants sell. In Winlock the number of buttons a person sells only serves to get them into finalist position where they will be judged on talent and speaking. You KNOW that makes for golden entertainment. The Winlock even was well attended. The Toledo even was pretty much just families and friends of the girls in the running. Score one Winlock.

Update: I almost forgot the most fabulous thing of the evening. In Toledo's favor last year's queen was wearing the most awesome cheese colored gown. The pics don't do it justice. It is the color of the powdered cheese in Kraft macaroni and cheese and it has a lovely sparkly teal trim. I am not snarking at all about this. It was a gorgeous dress. Also it must be noted that the girl who won the Egg Days Queen was wearing an egg colored dress (white). Coincidence?

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