Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Egg Days Carnival

I didn't get everything ticked off my list of Egg Days wishes but I did have a good time.

Free food is always worth documentation. The free egg salad sandwiches had not run out by the time I finished the route. Yay!

I am the only one pictured enjoying the sandwich (in the elementary school cafeteria w/ a side of Kool-aid lemonade) because none of my companions were willing to risk bad mayonnaise. Sissies.

I was pretty stoked about the cake walk. Drew was excited to be in the presence of royalty. He paid for this year's queen and last year's queen to walk for cakes with us. He. Is. Delighted. Just look at his face.

Matt is the one who landed on the lucky number. I am the one who ate the cake(s). I ate 3 of the six cupcakes. Again, not one of my companions would partake. They claimed it was too hot for cake (100ish degrees). Boo hoo. I left the remaining 3 cupcakes at the bar we went to seeking shelter from the heat. I am sure they went to good homes.


MARble said...

matt and all his hick hats. at least he is carrying his murse still

Michelle said...

Sorry Marble, that is my bag. I had him hold it for some reason. Can't remember. I took it back just after this shot.