Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Quinten Notes

I've got no pictures to illustrate this sighting. Last night when we got home from the Market Street Pub we saw Quinten crawling around on the trusses that were propped up on top of the walls waiting to be installed. Also, someone (I feel confident in my guess that it was Quinten) killed a mole and left it to rot and become maggot infested on the east side of the house. I could take a picture of this but you wouldn't really want to see that would you? Today while Matt, Tom, Bill & Vince were setting the trusses there were turkey vultures circling overhead. And yes I meant to pluralize vultures. Matt said they saw 4 at one time. I can't believe that they were drawn by one, small, maggoty mole. There must be something bigger and more dead in the neighborhood. Hope the vultures eat it before it stinks too bad.

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