Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheese Days Parade

As with the Egg Days Parade I missed out on the Cheese Days Parade completely. Matt shot these pics and about a hundred more. I tried to edit them down some but I am still posting 15.


Each year the Toledo Big Cheese dignitaries are selected. To be considered for the honor of Big Cheese a person must be at least 75 years old and a long time resident of Toledo, WA.

Further proof that clowns are scary: they arrived in a flaming hearse. I know! That is why I am posting pictures. You wouldn't believe me if I did not offer supporting evidence. Good thing Drew was late to the parade and missed the spectacle that is the Astoria Clowns. Funny story: later in the day we walked past a clown talking to some surly goth looking kids. Heading toward the clown Matt joked that the clown's name was Ketchup (2 things Drew hates: clowns and ketchup). I got the giggles pretty bad. Then as we passed the clown he said to the kids, "Hi, do you know what my name is? It's Fuzzy Winklebottom" (or something like that). The timing of his declaration of name caused me to bust up even more after we passed. Then Matt slayed me by saying "We didn't stay long enough to hear his full name. It is actually Fuzzy Winklebottom Ketchup." Maybe you just had to be there.

Toledo, WA. Where cows come to drive.

Just a few of the many tractors Matt photographed. I seriously have 30 tractor pics on my camera. He is officially obsessed.

Two things about this shot. 1. Logging is a big industry here in Lewis County but, this being the Pacific Northwest, you probably already know that. And 2. According to reports that cop was seriously anti-candy and 100% business. Drew has an action shot of him kicking candy out of the road. Each piece that landed had about a 3 second grace period before he unleashed his candy fury. And note the earpiece. Dude, this isn't the Rose Parade. Why so serious?

Girl with chicken head on a Bud Light float presented without comment.

We have friends in this picture. Sharon is in the dark blue shirt with blond hair facing away from the camera. Becca is just behind her in the white shirt and capris.

The senior center is really involved in Cheese Days. They host a baked potato bar and the center itself is the site for many Cheese Days events. Note the card game going on under the umbrella. This crew is not one to let a pesky little parade get in the way of the game.

Quilts on parade.

And finally, a goat in a tee shirt.

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Fuzzle Bumpkins said...

Hey! I was the Clown there! I'm glad I made you giggle, but my name is not "Fuzzy Winklebottom Ketchup" Although that is kinda funny, my real name is "Fuzzle Bumpkins" the Clown. I do Parties, Street Fairs, Company Picnics, etc...Contact me if you wish at and by the way I'm not a scary clown.

I believe:

1. Clowns are supposed to be fun and funny.
2. If any clown intentionally scares a person of any age that is wrong.
3. Clowns should act appropriate while in costume, no drinking, swearing, smoking, crude jokes, behavior, etc...
4. Clowns should always be alert to the crowd, always watching for 'special' and/or downcast people, and look to serve them first.

Keep Smiling!!!

Fuzzle B.