Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dirty Little Secret in My Freezer

My supplier, Phil, really hooked me up. I got a major discount on my "fix" of choice. Let me illustrate one of the benefits of small town living. Phil works at Cedar Village, our local grocery story. This is the sort of place where the pharmacist knows my name and the checkers are very discrete in keeping their knowledge of my junk food habits on the down low. I polished off the Jeno's Cheese Pizza supply at Cedar Village awhile ago. I kept waiting for them to restock but I guess nobody noticed it was gone. Sigh. So I started to squeak my wheel and Phil ordered me a couple of cases. I was buying them 4 at a time but today Phil told me that if I just bought the whole case I could save a pile of money. So I did and now that I look at the stacks o' pizza in the freezer I wonder what I was thinking. It can't be possible to still be a fan of Jeno's cheese after 12 pizzas, can it?

Don't ask me to describe my love for this particular frozen pizza. I can't explain. One big selling point right now though is that it is the only brand that will fit in my toaster oven. So, bonus.

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