Thursday, May 22, 2008

Curses! Foiled Again!

The foundation and subfloor guys were back again today to fix a bunch of stuff. Tom really took the company to task for a million little things that were done poorly so they are attempting to put things right. We also should be getting a little money back from them. As I left to go on my walk today they were beginning to put a coating of some sort on the exterior foundation walls so they won't be so ugly. There was a problem with the initial pour and so there are quite a few pockmarks. As I was returning from my walk they passed me on the road. Apparently the product they purchased to coat the walls was falling off and not sticking like it should so they are going to go find something else and return on Monday. Maybe the Sister House is full of bad karma. I don't really believe that. I feel overwhelmingly positive whenever I go in to work on the house. It just seems that everything surrounding the house is turning to crap.

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