Sunday, May 11, 2008


Report Shows Crime Increase

From I learn that "the most recent report on crime in
Washington state suggests that crime grew about 7.7 percent in Lewis County while statewide, it was down by 8.4 percent."

Full Story: The Chronicle, Centralia, WA

Note this paragraph: "A 27 percent rise in violent crime in Centralia has been attributed by its police chief directly to the gang-related drive-by shootings last summer."

Proverbial frying pan into the fire?

In related news, a thief was caught recently in Vader (our neighbor to the south, the town that voted to shut down it's school!!!) pulling down powerlines, "[using] a rope with a weight attached to the end to throw over the power line. They then attached the rope to the back of their vehicle and drove off, pulling the wire down." According to The Olympian, he has been charged with malicious mischief.

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