Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wee, rolling garden

As my mom can attest, I am no green thumb. I resisted all manner of yard work growing up. In my new environment I am giving it another go. We have yet to decide where to place our permanent garden plot. It will be quite an ordeal to get it set up as we will need to enclose it in a tall fence to keep the deer and elk out. So, in the meantime I have devised this rolling garden. I can put it wherever I want: out in the yard to get some sun or close to the house so it doesn't get munched on while I am not guarding it. I don't have much, 5 tomato plants and 25 strawberry plants plus 4 tree starts. Still, it is a beginning. The strawberry plants have developed a few tiny, green leaves but the tomatoes looks really sad. The trees look the same as they did when Matt brought them back from the beach. I guess that is a good thing. I mean, they could be brown and withered. I will take all the little victories I can get in the endeavor.

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