Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gassy and Bloated

Last night, on my drive to and from Chehalis to watch the American Idol finale at the Market Street Pub, I noticed that every gas station from Winlock to Napavine had 87 octane hovering at $3.99. It seems no station wants the bad karma of stepping into the $4.00 zone. With $4/gallon imminent I have taken a look at the places I drive and broken them down by round trip price (28mpg because, though Friq and Fraq are nice little cars, they are old and don't quite get the mpgs of days gone by).
Tom and Kathy: $3.52
Chehalis: $5.29
Centralia: $6.80
Olympia: $13.19
Portland: $21.43
Seattle: $30.14
If I were to drive to Utah it would cost me: $266.47
When we lived in Los Angeles I didn't drive very much. Many things were within walking distance so I only used the car a few times a week. On the other hand, Matt had kind of a murderous commute. His daily round trip was over 60 miles so at today's gas prices that would be $48.55 p/week. Maybe since he isn't commuting and since we don't leave the immediate Winlock area on a daily basis it all evens out somehow.

Speaking of gas prices and Los Angeles, I posted this on my old blog on July 12, 2005. You have to scroll down past the "David" house pics to see what I am talking about. At the time I thought that price was so colossally bad that it warranted documentation. Silly, naive me.

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