Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Morning Walk

This is the first spring I have noticed Rhododendrons. I am sure that they have bloomed in other places I have lived. Maybe it is because they are such a welcome sight here after a long rainy winter. I can tell that I have a budding obsession with them. I can't wait to plant some in our yard.

Hello to you too.

One of the elk in this herd is lame. I tried not to spook them when I took the picture but they trundled off anyway. The lame elk limped along behind. I am not sure what predators the elk have here beside man. Tom told me that there are bears around. One time when I was up here looking for property we saw a cow carcass sitting at the end of somebody's driveway. Tom said that people will put out their dead animals and the bears will come and dispose of the body for them. I don't know if he was pulling my leg or not.

A deer caught in the indelicate act of pooping. This is just off the driveway. I was more alert this time and had my camera ready so when my singing self walked up the drive I could photograph the fleeing deer.

I also saw no fewer than 12 blue/grey minivans. I wonder what that means in Christopher's world of absolutes and minimal second chances.

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