Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Post in Which I Make Matt's Ears Bleed and Heart Weep

Back in the day, young love was communicated through the medium of mixed tapes. Today the language is playlists.

When Matt broke up with me at age 19 I left him with a mix tap of my favorite Kate Bush songs to haunt him in my absence. It totally worked too because look! I am his wife now. While I was off in self imposed exile in Ohio I regularly received mix tapes from Matt. He swears he was not sending any messages via the songs on the tapes but I like to pretend otherwise. Besides, the making of a mix tape took time, much more time than making a playlist. So I knew that he was thinking of me for the duration of the tape to tape process.

Tomorrow morning I take Matt to the airport so he can fly away. Again. Not to Los Angeles this time. Nancy and Kate are heading off for a week in NYC and Matt is going to Utah to spend time with his dad. When he got home from his last trip away I was so deflated that it took me two full days to climb out of my doldrums and enjoy our time together. I want to avoid finding myself in that depressed state again so I have made myself a playlist of songs that make me feel all lovey and happy so I don't get lonely and depressed.

The trouble with my playlist of love songs for Matt is that he will absolutely cringe when he sees it. I guarantee that he will hate most of the music. That is OK. He likes Deerhoof after all and a million other bands that make my ears bleed. Were he to make a playlist of love songs for me I am sure I would respond thusly, "Gah, turn it off! TURN IT OFF. If you love me even a little, TURN IT OFF!!! That's funny right? We express our love with songs the other finds repugnant.

So Matt, I challenge you to show your love in the form of a playlist thereby causing me severe audio distress. It's only fair.

I will miss you while you are gone.

My "I Love You" Playlist

Cowboy Take Me Away - Dixie Chicks
Take My Heart - Soko
Take Me Home - Concrete Blonde
Love at First Sight - Kylie Minogue
Lullaby - Dixie Chicks
The Wings - Gustavo Santaolalla
Won't Let You Down - Keith Urban
Devil Slayer - Michael Brook
Oceans - Rob Dickinson
Update: You can buy this playlist at iTunes (except for Oceans because they don't sell it anymore). If you have iTunes click here to go to the playlist.

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