Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It has now been 24 hours since I last saw Una. I am out of tricks. I have called until the silence of no reply cripples me. I have snooped around my neighbors outbuildings with and without permission. I have consulted not one but two pet psychics. Matt has crawled under the house with the spiders and bugs. We have searched the tree tops. I have papered the few nearby houses with Lost Cat fliers. Nothing. If she is still alive, how long can she stay alive without food and water? What if she is hurt somewhere, slowly slipping away while I am ineffectively searching? This sucks worse than anything. Ever. You may take that to mean that I have led a relatively crisis free life or you may take that to mean that Una means everything to me. I was prepared to lose her to old age. I hoped to be there with her at the end for one last nuzzle. I never expected Una to be the one to disappear into the wild without a trace.

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