Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Una in the Wee Hours

Una jumped up on the bed at 4:40 this morning. She did not bother to tell us where she had been or what happened. We gave her some food and she had some water. She is grumbly and pissy. There seems to be something wrong with her right front paw but I haven't gotten a good look at it yet. No other obvious signs of injury. I am afraid to go back to sleep for fear that she will disappear again when my eyes are closed. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging messages.

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Nathan Crook said...

I'm glad to see Una made her way back to you. I have to admit I have been checking your CNN-style UNA WATCH BLOG for periodic updates.

Although I'm not given to speculation, I'm sure Una was on an epic quest...maybe a White Castle run and Neil Patrick Harris stole her car and she ended up imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She hurt her paw punching out a guard who threatened to make her his kitty. Oh the fantastical possible situations we can imagine!

Comedy aside, I glad to see she's back.