Friday, August 8, 2008

I Should Probably Rename This Blog "Cat Town" for A Time

Norah went to see the vet on Thursday. She has ear mites and ring worm. Yucky and a royal pain to deal with but not deadly. That is good news. The vet guesses Norah is about 2 months old. We have no way of telling where she came from or how long she had been on her own before she came to us. She is certainly not people shy.

We gave her a bath Wednesday morning because she is a stinky little thing. It is easy to bathe a kitten. Just takes a little manhandling.

She is a clever little minx. This spot on top of Matt's alarm clock serves as the stepping stone up on the the bed and the window sill for all the cats. She has cut off the access route! She is also responsible for turning off Matt's alarm. That is his story anyway.

What Russell doesn't know won't kill him. Matt took this so I don't know the circumstances but I must believe that Russell was sound asleep when Norah sneaked up next to him. Russell is REALLY, REALLY bent out of shape about this. I don't know that I will be posting much until he acclimates because I will be spending all my time doing laundry. Russell peed on the bed again this morning just as we were waking up. We caught him before he got much out and thought that just the top blanket got hit. We replaced that blanket and tried to get a few more winks. Then Norah got on the bed and must have smelled Russell's messages because she was all, "Yeah. Two can play at that game buster" and marked over his spot with her own spot. So, if any of you are planning to visit, you might want to hold off for awhile. Between the ringworm and cat urine we are the reigning household of grossness right now.

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