Friday, August 1, 2008

My Morning Walk and Notes on Friendship

Because I am a packrat I didn't just leave this metal loopy thingy on the side of the road after I snapped that pic. I put it in my pocket and took it home. I am sure it will come in handy someday.

Theme song for this walk: the Soundtrack from Once

Once is a movie about finding a friend who is just the right fit - really it's more complicated than that but, boiled down, that is the gist. I am going to ramble on a bit but just sit tight with me here and I will try to wrap it up into some sort of point. I went to see the Sex and the City movie a few months ago. Spare me the rolled eyes. I understand that it is pure fantasy written by men who don't have any grasp on the real lives of women. That said, I left the movie (alone because I have no girlfriends here and Matt and Drew refused) feeling sad that I don't have any lifelong girlfriends who live nearby. A feebly nomadic lifestyle will do that to a person. We have lifelong friends but they are scattered: Marble and James in Utah (well James soon to be in China), Audrey in NYC, Ward in San Fran, Patrick in San Fran, Sean & Xochitl in Los Angeles, Jenny in the OC, Sarah in Memphis, etc.

I watched Once for the first time back in April when Matt was on one of his never ending business trips. Once is a melancholy little film but it hit a sweet spot in my soul. It made me feel sad, lonely and hopeful, threw into relief the difference between alone and lonely. I felt lonely.

Fast forward a month into May. Matt is gone again. This time to Utah. I take to hanging out in the local bar like a teetotaling floozy. I strike up a friendship with the bartender. I am such a cliche'. I have mentioned Drew in previous posts but I think he deserves his own paragraph. We watch American Idol and talk politics and religion. When I say "you know, I think Barack Obama is a secret xxxxxxx" Drew not only gets what I am saying, he finishes the sentence in unison. Matt returned from the Beehive State and now Matt and Drew geek out to their hearts content discussing obscure movies, rare DVD releases and beer. They throw me a bag of candy to keep me from zoning out in boredom. We go to movies together, watch bad TV together, laugh at offensive jokes together, love/hate the weirdness of small town life together and my lonely frown has now turned upside down. One more friend in our collected family - and this one lives nearby.

Now, Drew, no more grousing about Steph getting her pic posted on the blog before you. Here is a pic plus a thousand words, and lovey, mushy words at that.

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JJ said...

I hear ya girl. We have lived here for 11 years and I still sometimes feel very alone. Many of my good friends have moved away (go figure they seem to think it is cheaper to live someplace else) and I keep waiting for that "perfect friend" to move in. Hang in there!!