Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apparently it Really Does Take a Village

This weekend was set aside for putting sheathing on the roof. Uncle Bob came into town and Chuck came over on Saturday to help.

Bob at the drawing board and Tom on the ladder

Chuck sawing boards for the shear wall supports

Bob sawing pieces for the roof sheathing

Notice the eaves. They were made by Matt and Tom out of a tree that fell down at Tom's house.

West side in progress

Tom laying one of the final pieces on the west side

Halfway through

Beginning on the east side

Shot from the back showing the shear wall sheathing and the roof sheathing.

Saturday we battled rain. Nobody expected the downpour we received and so there was a mad scramble to get tarps over all the exposed roof. The Sister House still got soaked and we mopped up as best we could. Sunday there were some ominous clouds but nothing fell out of them and we made good progress. When we finish sheathing the walls I get to use the nail gun!

Not pictured village participant: Kathy who supplied lunches for the crew.

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Nathan Crook said...

Wow...the place is moving right along. I'm curious about the eves and the fallen tree...can you write more about that situation?