Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Una - the Prologue

Here is my assessment of what may have happened (despite the "insights" from the pet psychics).

Una got pissed about Norah's existence. On top of that we took her to the vet where she got shots and has since had daily administrations of cold drops put in her ears followed by vigorous rubbing. She was mad. mad. mad. What is a cat to do? Russell peed. Una went one better and broke our hearts. We don't know where she went but she is not hurt and not too dirty or filled with burrs so it can't have been too far. Probably within earshot. I can imagine her sitting in her hidey hole listening to us yell her name until our voices broke with tears. In her warped (and well loved) little mind she probably decided to let us twist in the wind a little longer until we were really wrecked with pain and guilt at not being able to find and rescue her. She decided to sneak back while we slept as if nothing happened assuming that we had learned our lesson. But! Norah is still here and Russell and Lily had taken over the prime sleeping spots on the bed so the punishment is not over. She is directing her residual anger at me. She is lovey with Matt and will rub her face in his beard and submit to a few pets. But not me! I am her person and I am still in the "doghouse"! She won't look at me and she won't sit near me or suffer to be held and loved by me. That is OK. I can wait. She will come around. In a few years. Hopefully.


JJ said...

When I was pregnant with Maunia I had to go no bedrest and therefore could not walk the dog, who was used to being walked 5 miles every day, then to add insult to injury I went back to week a few weeks later and left her home by herself all day...the horror. What was her solution?? Every day when I would go to work she would seek out the dirty laundry, sort through it for MY underwear and shred it. Never touched a thing of Treg's only my underwear. Soooooo, I feel your being snubedness (you like that word LOL)

JJ said...

OK, I guess you should read through the comment before posting. It should say go ON bedrest and I went back to WORK a few weeks later. Sorry, I'm tired!