Monday, August 11, 2008

Lily Was Feeling Left Out

I just got back from taking Lily to the vet. She has developed a hacking cough and stopped eating. The vet said there are two possible causes: 1. She caught something that Norah brought in when we rescued her or 2. Lily is so stressed out by Norah's arrival that she is having an episode related to rhinotrachitis (sp?) a disease she might have had as a kitten that sits dormant for years. Stress brings on flare ups. Rhinotrachitis is a relative of herpes. So, to tally up, that's ringworm, inappropriate urination, ear mites, possible kidney disease and feline herpes. 4 cats was manageable but 5 seems to have tipped the scales into near impossible.

I don't know if I mentioned but when Matt took Norah in for her checkup he also took Una in for shots and blood work. We learned that Una has earmites and wonky kidneys. So now we are medicating Norah with ointment for ringworm, Una with drops for ear mites and pills for her kidneys and now Lily with gel and liquid antibiotic for her ailments. Additionally, Norah has special kitten food, Una has new prescription food for her kidneys and Lily has prescription antioxidant food. At least Norah and Lily will be off their special meds and food someday. Una will be taking her meds and eating her pricey food until . . . (that which we will not say out loud because I cannot bear the thought.)

Hopefully Russell and Quinten can keep it together until we get the ladies under control. I am not organized enough to handle any more medications or special feedings.

Do you see any mites?
(no picture of Lily because she is in hiding while she convalesces)

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