Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Sad Little Affair

In an attempt to cash in on Chehalis' Krazy Dayz, the shuttered bowling alley next to the laundromat hosted a garage/yard sale. I was pretty stoked to have something to entertain me while fluffing and folding

Drew was with me. The first thing we saw sitting outside in a box were used beauty products. In the photo below it is difficult to see but that bottle of Lubriderm is 1/4 gone and has a sticker price of $2. Ewwww!I was interested in this duck - for maybe $3 or so. It is marked at $20 - a pair. There were no other ducks to be seen.

Does anyone know what these felt covered pieces of wood are for? They are for sale for $2.

Flares: $2 each

Easter comes early this year!

These were a steal at only $3 but they are kind of short for me would probably make my butt look fat.

Everything in this pile is a quarter. I defy you to find something in there that you would cause you to part with $0.25

And finally, what would you pay for a state of art cassette player boom box complete with am/fm radio? $30? I thought so.

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JJ said...

I have been looking for just such a boom box to play all my Abba cassettes on. I want to carry it around on my shoulder while wearing my parachute pants. Could you pick it up for me??? I promise I'll pay you back. I'm sure shipping would only cost about $100 for something that size!!