Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pet Psychic #2

Here is what the second pet psychic said:
  • Una has been in a fight, maybe with a racoon
  • Nearby to her current location is a barrel filled with liquid
  • A man nearby looks to be carrying a gun
  • There is an outdoor spray nozzle nearby
  • She is either just inside or next to a dark colored outbuilding
  • She is across a fence from our property
  • She does not think she is on the side of the property with the horses
Huh. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that we live in the country. I pretty much gave it all away. I have just come back from prowling around the neighbors out buildings. Nothing yet. Even though I know all the pet psychic business is probably bunk it is helping me keep it together. It keeps me busy so I don't crumble.

As a side note, I think I might have found where Norah came from. One of the neighbors has hired hands living in trailers on the property. The hired hands have tons of cats. There was a kitten the same size as Norah. I asked if they had other kittens. She said yes but didn't know where they were. The poor kitten I saw had weepy eyes and a cough. Norah is doing great, gaining weight and looking healthy.

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xochitl said...

More kitty prayers needed. If you haven't already checked my new blog, maybe you should wait until you find Una. Come back Una!!!