Thursday, August 7, 2008

Norah Fallout

Someone (probably Russell) expressed his/her displeasure with the new family member by peeing on me while I slept. Sigh. It took some time to seep through all the layers so we didn't notice anything until Norah jumped up on the bed and woke us up trying to bury the pee in the blankets. At first we thought Norah did it but there was just too much pee for such a little cat. Point taken but not conceded.

Norah was acting a little shaky yesterday afternoon so we bumped up her vet appointment from Tuesday to today.

In related news, Una is still mad as hell. She walks around grumbling to herself and anyone who will listen. If I pick her up an the wrong moment she screams and hisses. Lily? also angry. If any cat gets within 2 feet of her she yells at them and throws a punch. Interestingly, Quinten is the only one not spitting bullets. His first encounter with Norah is the only time I have ever seen him utterly confused. He didn't hiss outright like the other three and that might be the reason Norah walked straight up to him and gave him a few little head butts. I can see the wheels of his mind working, "this creature is the same size as some of my prey, and yet, I get the sense that I am not supposed to kill it" - head exploding. Now he spends his time following her around sniffing her butt. It is starting to creep her out. The cat she initially viewed as a potential ally seems more like a skeevy perv. Poor little girl. Of course we are giving her the attention we can but we can't over compensate or that will just make everything worse with the other cats. I am afraid they are all just going to have to tough it out through the adjustment period.

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