Monday, August 27, 2007

Porland part II

Matt and I went back to Portland on Saturday. No reason, just wanted to get out and see something new. We went back to Food Fight for some groceries. This time I was smart and brought along a cooler bag w/ ice packs so we could buy perishables.

After Food Fight we weren't sure where to go. Someone mentioned the Hawthorne area and we passed Hawthorne on the way to Food Fight so we headed in that direction.

Hawthorne in general seemed a bit too hippy dippy for our tastes but a closer inspection led us to some places we will certainly revisit. First up: a gem of an Indian market. It is called India 4 You but I can't find a link or address to post. Matt bough a can of Petha (a pureed white pumpkin dessert) and I bought some frozen Rasmanlai (milk based dumpling-like pillows of goodness). Further along down the street we stopped in at Powell's bookstore for some browsing and then hit Pastaworks next door where Matt did some damage in the wine department and I bought a book to help us figure out where to go on our next visit to Portland ( After Pastworks we stopped in at Bridgeport Ale House where Matt had a few beers and I read the local weekly. Our last stop was Pho Van Hawthorne, a very noisy place for some very hungry vegetarians to eat some very tasty Vietnamese food. We started w/ crispy veggie egg rolls w/ ginger soy sauce, followed w/ more egg rolls (plus noodles) for Matt and curried tofu & rice for me. The picture above is of my Ginger creme brulee and Matt's Vietnamese coffee. Delish and Pretty all at the same time.

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