Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A few pictures

Here we have some signs in the windows of vacant Winlock storefronts. These people take their egginess seriously.

In the same little park as the egg there is a sign announcing the presence if World Champion Women Log Rollers. Here is Matt w/ Audrey, our first houseguest!! She is visiting from NYC and had to see the egg.

While we were taking pictures and laughing about it some guys in a pick-up truck at the gas station across the street started yelling at us. One guy said, "Hey, you think that's big, you should see the chicken!" He also hollered that we had to stop by Frank's Hideaway before we left town. Then they drove away snorting "tourists" at us. Hey buddy, I'm from Hollywood. You don't know nothin' about tourists. Please. Plus, you best be callin' me a local now.

After paying our respects to the Egg, we went to Centralia and had dinner at the Olympic Club. It was tasty but I am nearing my limit on fried breads and cheese. That is generally what is available around here for vegetarians. Good thing I'm not vegan. I forgot to mention that for lunch Audrey and I went over to Toledo and had fried mac and cheese at Betty's. To counteract the effects of the fried mac and cheese I ordered a spinach salad for dinner at the Olympic Club. I didn't think to ask for the dressing on the side. Too bad. The salad was swimming in oil. I'm not really a healthy eater but yesterday really did me in. I decided to just succumb to it and ended up ordering a caramel brownie w/ ice cream for dessert.


Pioneeress said...

I liked the egg quote on Patience so much I put it on my wall. What me need patience with 3 boys? :) Thanks!

dolphinlady said...

Don't go to Frank's Hideaway!! Tweeker bar. All that's bad about Winlock is there. I'm sure that rude guy had already spent several hours there.