Saturday, August 4, 2007


Just after the truck pulled away yesterday I decided to go into Winlock for something - I can't remember what. My car is in the shop so I had the spare keys to Matt's car in my hand. As soon as I shut the door I realized my mistake. The house keys were in the shed on the table. I was locked out. Doh! I called Kathy to see if they had a spare set. She thought they did and I went over to pick them up but they turned out to be keys to the trailer, not the shop. The other spare set they had was in Tom's truck and Tom's truck was parked at the Portland airport waiting for Matt and Tom to come home. I couldn't find a locksmith in Winlock and I didn't feel like slicing into the screen and I didn't have a ladder to help me crawl into the window anyway so I just spent the day tagging along w/ Kathy on her errands.

Matt got home late last night w/ Tom and I finally got back into my home. No longer a woman w/ out a country.

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