Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Don't know the story behind these bones. I found a few of them on my walk yesterday. They seem pretty big to me, 8"-12" long. Whatever left these behind would eat my cats like cheese and crackers and probably just swallow their bones.


Liz S said...

Speaking of bones, the company that I am quitting RBF for found prehistoric bones while digging the foundation for their new building in downtown San Diego. It’s quite the news item lately. They are not to be deterred, however, and are continuing with their efforts to build an additional service building for their existing homeless shelter. I wasn't sure how to contact you guy to let you know that I quit RBF to work for a non-profit company. I thought maybe I would try here. New and exciting times are ahead :)

Michelle said...

Hi Liz. Thanks for stopping by. If you check back here you can reach me at I can't believe you finally left RBF!