Friday, August 3, 2007

Moving day part II

The truck w/ all our material possessions should be arriving momentarily. I have my fingers crossed that nothing I love arrives cracked and broken. We don't have too many things that are sentimental or irreplaceable so things should be OK. The only thing that would bring tears would be if Matt's lovely and large television arrived broken. We have moving insurance though so even if that happens it won't be the end of the world.

I am painting today trying to make the place seem homier. Hope to finish by the time Matt gets back from Los Angeles tonight. Don't know if I mentioned he was there. We got to WA on Saturday and he had to turn around and go back on Tuesday for work. He will be home for a week and then go back down for another week. Hopefully after that he won't have to go more than twice a year at the most. At least when he goes back down to LA he has family and friends to visit, although he didn't visit anyone this time around. He was swamped, working extra long hours. He gets into Portland tonight shortly before Tom gets in from Alaska so they will be riding up to the Toledo/Winlock area together. I am excited for Tom's return home. We haven't seen him since we arrived. He has been away working on a house for some friends in Alaska.

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MARble said...

so how are all your kids doing?