Wednesday, August 1, 2007

About face

So Qwest called Matt today and told him to retry hooking up the DSL. Matt is in Los Angeles so I tried to do it. I made a few mistakes but after he talked me through what wires go where we held our breath and all of a sudden, ta da! DSL on our new property. Why the Qwest tech couldn't make it work when he was at our house on Monday and why it works now are mysteries that may never be solved. I have been trolling the net for the last 3ish hours to make sure that it isn't a fluke and that the connection is solid. Looks like we won't have to rent an office after all. What a relief! I am going to bed a happy woman tonight - except that tomorrow I have to take my car into a mechanic b/c the "check engine" light just went on. Hope it is nothing serious.

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dolphinlady said...

Yeah!! After I read this, I called Qwest and will be getting DSL the 18th. I'm moving to my new home on Minkler Road.

I like your blog.