Monday, August 13, 2007

It's 3pm. Do you know where your toilet is?

This is the 3rd trip to the backyard for our toilet in one weekend. We knew we needed to replace the seal and bolts. There was an awful smell coming from the bathroom and some leakage (sorry for the grossness). We figured the seal should take care of it. We figured wrong. After replacing the seal once we waited for the stink to go away. And waited and waited. Still smelly. Then we removed the toilet again and ripped up the faux tile flooring in the bathroom and entryway assuming some yuks had seeped underneath. Sure enough there was water under the tile. I cleaned until my back ached. We replaced the toilet and waited for the stink to go away. And waited, and waited. But still the accursed stink. Argh!!!! We took the toilet out again and added another wax ring to the seal thinking that maybe there was a gap. But still the stink! Now we think that we might need to pull out the pressboard cabinets in the bathroom as they might also be contaminated. Matt has gone back to Los Angeles for the week so it is up to me to monitor the STINK. Aren't I a lucky girl?

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