Monday, August 20, 2007


A moment of silence for the bees.

There are/were multiple swarms of bees in the walls of the Sister House - mostly in the wall between the old pump house and the pantry. A bee keeper came and took 2 queens away. We thought that was all of them. After the queens and what bees they could get went away masses of bees got trapped in the main part of the house and died. We are not 100% sure what happened. It's like they got confused without the queen, flew into the house, couldn't get out, and died. I went into the house and there was a path of bees 1" thick (2" in the corners and by windows). Crunchy. I went back later with my camera to take pictures but somebody had already swept the dead bees out. the only pic I have is of the bees in the sink. Trust me - this is nothing compared to the piles of bees on the floor.

During the demo yesterday Matt and Tom found more hives. It looks like we need to call the bee keeper again. I meant to take a photo of the new hive but I had my camera set on movie and then my battery died so all I have is 2 seconds of beehive movie madness.

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