Monday, September 1, 2008

The Story of the Window Seat

My mom just sent me these photos of the house I grew up in. They were taken when it was built in 1968.
I love this picture! That is Ben Lomond in the background with his head in the clouds. At the time, our house was the end of the road in the subdivision. At this point along the foothills it was also the last house before the mountain. How things change! Now there are houses build as far up as possible, nearly hanging on vertical rock. But that is not the point of this post. I had a window seat in my bedroom growing up. I loved it. It made my room something special and gave me a nook in which to read and think about things.

In the housebuilding process Matt and I knew there would be things we would have to compromise on and things that were absolute must haves no matter what the hassle. My no-compromise item is a window seat. I wanted to put it in the smallest existing bedroom to make it special. And look! Here it is!

It is a little bit different than my childhood window seat. We didn't want to change the edge of the roof line so most of the seat is outside the wall line but some of it is inside the room. That way we can fit the box under the existing roof edge. It looks kind of neat that way too - really defines it inside the room. Also, the window is HUGE. In order to count this room as a bedroom we had to put in a window large enough to meet egress requirements. That means the pop-out will be mostly all glass. Not a problem. Just look at that view!.
I am very happy!

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Pioneeress said...

Love the icicles on the window. Amazing that your house was the end of the line at the time! I have a wonderful print from the Philadephia Museum of Art by Daniel Garber of a girl reading a book while sitting in a window seat that overlooks an orchard. The print is called "Orchard Window." It makes me feel peaceful and happy to look at it. So glad I have leasure and happy memories of childhood to pull on when adult responsibilities weigh heavy. That seems to be your message in this blog :).