Thursday, September 4, 2008

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a little kitten named Norah (Stinkbomb) Conrow. Norah lived with 2 humans, 1 kitten and 4 big cats. One day Quinten, one of the big cats, went missing. Norah noticed that the humans were worried but not freaked out. Quinten was a good hunter and outdoorscat who enjoyed making nests in the grass and burrowing in felled trees. He hated the new kittens and even hissed for the first time when he met Norah's sister Audrey so the humans thought he was just getting some space. Still, the humans called for him every morning and every night.

One day the female human asked Russell, another big cat, to help her look for Quinten in the woods. Norah thought that sounded like fun and bounded along behind. Russell followed the cat trail into the forest a few feet and sat down. Norah joined him. Russell got up and moved a few feet further in. Norah followed. The human waited and called for Quinten but he didn't show. The human then left and went to the house.

A short while later the human returned to the forest to see if Russell and Norah and drawn out Quinten. Russell was nowhere to be seen but Norah poked her head out of the trees. Seeing the human she dashed out howling. The human picked up Norah and continued to call for Russell while walking toward the living space.

Upon reaching the living space Russell could be seen sitting in the window intensely displeased that his plan had failed and that the human was bringing the "lost" kitten home again.

A few hours later Norah crawled on top of Russell in his basket to let him know that "these things" happen and it was probably her fault that she got lost in the woods and how she was sure that he had only returned to the house without her to get help.

Yes, Quinten is missing. He has been gone for a week now. We are much more optimistic that he will return than we were when Una went on her walkabout. He is a very capable outdoor cat. He is really good at catching critters and he actually eats them, unlike Russell. He has spent many a night out in his various hidey holes and is a big cat. He could certainly take a raccoon. We hope he hasn't met up with a coyote. He really was freaked out by the kittens. Whereas Russell began obsessively marking everything in site when they showed up, that is not Quinten's style. He is a loner so it doesn't surprise us that he has opted out of the whole situation. We hope that he is just working things out on his own and will show up eventually.

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MARble said...

you know that quentin can survive on his own. he will be back eventually.