Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Puyallup Fair - Food

Where the prize winning beef goes after the blue ribbon ceremony.

We all know that food at the fair is expensive and yet, we are still shocked when a soda clocks in at $3.25. That is better than the water I bought later: $3.50.

My piroshky. Now is the time for me to say that I am really jealous of the fairs that Nathan has been going to in Ohio. The food looks so much more fun. This is the most exciting thing I could find. I mean a person can only eat so many funnel cakes and elephant ears before they go searching for something new. I miss the Los Angeles County fair. It is a fair that serves up everything deep fried. Ain't nothin' wrong with that once or twice a year.
Here are ladies engaged in piroshky preparation.

Matt's "Flamin' Hot Cheesy Brat"


Nathan said...

The piroshky reminds me of a cross between polish pirogi(which you might be familiar with) and a Welsh Pasty(pronounced pass-tee)--a complete meal of meat vegies and fruit folded into a pastry then baked(think Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies in *Sweeny Todd*). Miners in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan would carry these pastries with them in their pockets and eat them for lunch. The pasty is usually marked in the pastry as the which end to start eating at and there would be meat and vegies, then a tasty bit of baked fruit as a sweet finish.


JJ said...

I'm not sure what it was you were eating but it didn't look very tasty to me. Come on no "zucchini weenie"???

Michelle said...

Zucchini weenie in my dreams. Had it been offered I would have been all over it.

MARble said...

this year at the utah state fair they had lots of deep fried goodies. i heard about it on the news. the favorite seemed to be the deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.