Wednesday, September 10, 2008


OK people, let us get a little perspective on this whole "pig in lipstick" fabricated controversy. I have collected videos of the original statement (IN CONTEXT!!!!), the McCain video (please note there is absolutely no context!), and Barak Obama's rebuttal to the whole ridiculous mess. This is out of control. If you type "Obama/Lipstick" into YouTube you get pages and pages of returns of video snippets of Palin's pitbull/lipstick comment cutting straight to Obama's pig/lipstick comment followed by "carefully considered" commentary by pundits. The whole business stinks of Karl Rove style bait and switch politics.
-First up, video of Obama's speech (the whole paragraph, not just a sentence fragment):

-Next, the McCain camp's online ad slamming Obama for running a misogynistic campaign of smears (!)

-Finally, Obama's testy response to the McCain group's swiftboating of pigs in lipstick:

As of this posting, the last word I have seen is a comment from the McCain camp telling Obama to stop passing the buck and to take responsibility for his comments. I believe in the last video you will see him doing just that. What he refuses to take responsibility for is the faux controversy spun up by McCain.

Oh, and one more thing, watch the second half of this short clip for a video illustration of just what a royal idiot John McCain is blasting Obama on the "lipstick on a pig" comment. I mean, according to his own logic, McCain needs to apologize to Hillary Clinton for calling her a pig, right?

Hat tip to I spent gobs of time searching for video of McCain's own "pig in lipstick" comment and finally found it there.

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Nathan said...

The semester is kicking my "McCain" and I have been unable to search for this information on my own. Thanks for taking the time to look it up and post it here. I appreciate it.