Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Puyallup Fair - Mish Mash of Animals

Drew's favorite dog in the canine pavilion.

This guinea pig wants no part of the fair proceedings. That or there is a tasty tidbit in the bottom of the oatmeal container.



Drew and I have a semi-friendly debate over which is better: alpacas or llamas. I vote llama, Drew votes alpaca. Matt, by the way, votes independant on this, or rather, he prefers niether. That is a fine position for now but what will he do when I come home witha llama someday? It is GOING to happen. No use fighting it. Here is a link to my last alpaca post and a link to my post about Precious, the first llama I ever met.

Maybe this will change my mind:


Anonymous said...

Alpacas are the most glorious of animals. Llamas are a spiting, conceited, and way too full of themselves, overrated has-ben creatures. There. Drew wins the debate. SCORE.

Michelle said...

You have just listed 2 pros (not cons) on the llama scorecard. Spitting? Funny. Conceited? I like my animals snooty and my people humble.

JJ said...

I'm with Drew. The alpacas are cuter.

Nathan said...

Hey Michelle,

I'd like to add another dimension to the ag-based festival/ fair by providing a link to an international guinnea pig festival in Peru.

The following link is not for the adventurous/ curious.