Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After the Election I am Going to Spend Some Time Unwinding on My New Porch!

The back porch has roof sheathing now! We are probably going to leave the wood exposed and not paint it. I think it is pretty.

The mudroom porch is now under construction. Once it is done it will be time to have the contractors come and put on the roof. If I haven't already mentioned it we are going with galvanized corrugated roofing. We are shooting for a rustic look. We had to sacrifice 15 years on our roof warranty to get galvanized instead of painted roofing but we are OK with that. So many of the painted options we looked at resembled the roofing on Subway and McDonalds that we really wanted to steer clear of painted.

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Nathan said...

I'm enjoying the updates on your house; the eves are are pretty cool.