Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cat Town Drama Continues

Una had a little oral surgery yesterday. She had 6 teeth extracted! We let it go too long. I wish we had taken her in sooner but there was so much other feline activity that we let it slide. Bad humans!

Matt set Audrey up on the bed with me last night while we were watching a movie. She stayed longer than we thought she would. She still runs whenever we head her direction or call her name.

We later paid for having Audrey on the bed. Russell smelled her and peed on us in the night. Le sigh.

Norah still doesn't know her name but she does still know how to clear a room with her farts. We have tried keeping her on a kitten food diet but she always manages to find a way to gorge herself on the big cat food. I guess we will just have to wait the stinky period out.

Quinten is still gone. Matt and I both dream about him almost every night. Neither of us think he is dead. We both think he has gone Rambo and will show up someday with a sash of bullets and battle scars on his face.

That is all.

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